Play the Tune

After the Last Tango

© Mike Rimbaud and Elliott Murphy

Talking to his wife lying stiff as a sheet
Best conversation since the day they did meet
Rented an apartment in the fridge there’s only butter
Gonna give it to you baby up the elevator

After the last tango you dance alone
Walking through the cemetery singing to the Stones
x-rated patriot better go home

Sure she shot me once, but I’m stronger than that
Left me lying there in a foreign Legion hat
From the gare de Lyon I sing the blues in Toulouse
Got conned in Cannes and someone stole my shoes

Took the newspaper out of the trash
Saw the stock market was going to crash
But that’s just a headline in the Herald Tribune
Front page made me laugh more than the cartoons

No one sings the blues like Marlon Brando in the south of France

No wife no lover, just drunk in the gutter
No place to dance
Oh- oh- oh

Listen to me baby, I coulda been a contender
I’m the wild one- I’m a great pretender
I don’t need an Oscar just a bottle of wine
Watch the sun go down
Let it take its time

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